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Wooden Hut

Gray the Wood


EcoSafeWood Wood Treatment - Non-Toxic Stain and Preservative

Griser le bois
Terrasse en bois

Non-toxic, VOC-free, respectful of the environment, children and animals, safe for the garden
Mixes easily with water
5 liters cover 19 m² 15 liters cover 57 m², 25 liters cover 95 m².
Materials of natural and renewable origin.
Gives a beautiful silver or brown finish, depending on the type of wood, Does not require special surface preparation.
One easy application penetrates and bonds to wood forever, with no scraping, chipping or re-application necessary.
Suitable for all interior or exterior projects - fences, decks, siding, furniture, marine applications, etc.
Leaves no harmful residue in the soil or water
One application lasts for years without maintenance.
Used for many years with proven results
Safe for use in home gardens
Safe for children and play areas
Can also be used safely indoors
Ideal for decks, posts, log homes, sheds, doors, weathering, graying, etc.
Apply by brush, roller, sprayer or by dipping.
Can be applied in any weather
Mix only what you need, save the rest for another project.
No waste. The dry powder can be stored indefinitely. The diluted mixture can be kept for 30 days. It is possible to dose according to your needs.

Can be used and mixed with collected and clean rainwater

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