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Huile Traditionnelle Uula Color

Nourish the Wood


EcoSafeWood Wood Treatment - Non-Toxic Stain and Preservative

Huile, goudron et Vernis bois traditionnel
Intérieur de café en bois

Our products come from the most traditional recipes, which have been proven to be sustainable for years.


To nourish and protect your woods, we offer wood tar, oil and varnish. These products are all from traditional recipes.


Wood tar is a high-quality, complete kiln-made tar that contains pitch, which is an important part of the protective effect of tar.  Authentic and traditional wood tar protects the wood from water and moisture. Wood tar can be used on tile and plank roofs, sleds, boats, tools and ropes.

No turpentine or other solvents were added to the wood tar.

Wood oil is an oil composed of only 3 ingredients. Linseed oil, Tung oil and an oil whose manufacture is made in the South West in a reasoned way whose name is Cosmoil. The latter was selected for its virtues to protect the wood durably against aging. The qualities of each of these oils combine to offer you high durability. She is Ecocert and Cosmebio. This oil is totally bio-based.

The traditional oil varnish , shiny, slightly yellowish, based on boiled linseed oil and natural resins. Boat varnish provides a flexible, wear-resistant surface that protects the wood surface from moisture and weather. Applications include new and old wood surfaces both exterior and interior, such as wood floors, furniture and boats.

Oil Glaze is suitable for new or old wood surfaces untreated or previously treated with non-film-forming wood preservatives in dry and damp rooms. The translucent treatment is suitable for dry interior doors, window frames, furniture and floors, as well as wall surfaces and furniture in covered outdoor spaces. The abrasion resistant translucent paint beautifully displays the wood patterns and protects the treated surface from moisture and dirt. Also suitable as a binder for glazing and decorative paints, as well as for reducing shine on linseed oil paints and varnishes. Oil gloss is a good alternative to wax because of its easy after-treatment. It can be tinted.

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