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Finishes & Patinas


Weathered Wood Finish - Wood instantly ages to a beautiful "driftwood" and weathered patina.

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Salle de bain en bois

Creates a beautiful aged driftwood finish
Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, VOC free
Use on bare or sanded wood
EcoSafeWood Pâtine is ideal for creating a distressed "driftwood" look for many wood projects: furniture, crafts, knick-knacks, sculptures, picture frames and more. As a bonus, provides effective protection against rot, moss, mold and fungus.

This product is similar to EcoSafeWood Grisaillement, but it is a concentrated formula with a special additive to enhance and deepen the aged effect.

Mixes easily with water
The packages are available in 1 or 3 liters.
Yield: 9 to 12.5 square meters per liter.
Materials of natural origin
Works on interior or exterior projects - frames, fences, decks, siding, furniture, etc.
Leaves no harmful residue in the soil or water
Made using sustainable resources
Apply by brush, roller, sprayer or by dipping.
Mix only what you need, save the rest for another project (guide included)
No waste, storage of dry powder indefinitely
Total satisfaction guaranteed
Detailed instructions for application and use included in the package

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